Understanding Chinese Drywall When Buying a Home in Naples, Florida

There are many issues you as a realtor or homebuyer need to encounter when choosing which property to select for purchase. A home, after all, is an investment; without understanding key issues involving what goes into the construction of a home and how they impact future occupants, you could be setting yourself up for some disappointing – and expensive – repairs.

Chinese drywall is one of these issues that could possibly impact your new home or property in Naples, Florida. Finding out whether or not the property you have your eye on is vulnerable to Chinese drywall is one of the key reasons why home inspections in Naples is vital for the success of your investment. Here, we’ll discuss why Chinese drywall is an issue and how home inspections in Naples can help you find out for sure.

What is Chinese Drywall?

Drywall is a common feature in home construction, found in most homes standing today (and virtually every newly-constructed home over the last 20 years). Beginning in 2001, homebuilders started importing vast amounts of drywall from China because domestic suppliers couldn’t keep up with rapid demand, particularly in great locations like Naples, Florida.

As a result, many homes constructed from 2001 to 2009 contain significant amounts of Chinese drywall. This is a problem because Chinese drywall has been found to be contaminated, and as the drywall ages, it releases chemicals that have been linked to respiratory problems and other health issues.

Why Home Inspections in Naples, Florida Are Important

When you purchase a property or showcase a property for a potential client, the last thing you want is for the home to endanger the health of the occupant. It is likely that Naples, Florida has many homes that could have the potential for Chinese drywall, and the only way to really know for sure is to have home inspections in Naples from qualified home inspection services.

Find home inspectors in Naples, Florida who understand Chinese drywall and know what to look for in your new home. Also, since the state of Florida requires state licenses for all home inspectors, make sure your inspection service is properly licensed.

Taking this extra step can go a long way to protect yourself from a potentially flawed investment in the future.