As concerns grow over the effects of defective drywall imported from China that has been installed in homes in Southwest Florida, SAR Inspection Services has developed inspection methods that help determine if Chinese drywall exist in your home.

SAR Inspection Services is aware of existing Homeowner concerns as well as Realtors concerns. Realtors should advise their buyers to make sure that inspections of items that can be indicators of potential Chinese drywall be performed by a professional qualified inspection company during the inspection period. For a nominal fee of $150, SAR Inspection Services will perform an inspection for Chinese Drywall. This inspection will be a review of your home’s components that are affected by potentially defective drywall along with a thorough attempt at identifying the manufacturer and origin of the drywall. The report will be photo documented showing components viewed.

This inspection is specifically for the purpose of making visual observations of suspect areas of corrosion and discoloration of metal components including copper wiring and piping, metal plumbing fixtures etc. See table below for a partial list of items that will be observed during the inspection as accessibility allows. The condition of these items are indicators that defective drywall may exist in the subject structure. SAR Inspection Services is not responsible or liable for reporting any deficiencies observed other that those that those potentially caused by defective drywall in the existing structure. At this time, there are no industry standards, formal training or certifications available outlining inspection methods for detecting defective drywall installed in a building structure. Our many years of experience as a General Contractor and Building Inspections Company provide us with extensive knowledge of construction methods and practices. We are qualified to perform “Chinese drywall inspections” and know what components to look for as indicators in a building that suggest Chinese drywall may exist.

We will attempt to identify the builder in the inspection report at the request of the customer. This information will be obtained from public records. Drywall manufacturer information will be obtained from visual observation during the on site inspection. SAR Inspection Services has no financial interest in the property being inspected and inspection observations are purely objective. There is no sure way of knowing if Chinese drywall exist without performing destructive testing methods and chemical analyzes of drywall samples. If the inspection results from visual observations indicate there may be defective drywall in the structure, additional testing methods may be desired.