It is important that laboratories that provide water test be registered with the United States EPA and is certified by the Florida Department of Health.Understanding and spotting possible pollution sources is important. It’s the first step to safeguard drinking water for you and your family. Some threats come from nature. Naturally occurring contaminants such as minerals can present a health risk. Other potential sources come from past or present human activity — things that we do, make, and use — such as mining, farming and using chemicals. Some of these activities may result in the pollution of the water we drink.

About 80% of Florida’s residents are served by public water systems covered by the Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Acts. The other 20% receive their water from “limited-use” public water systems and private wells. While all public water systems in Florida are required to perform routine testing to ensure that they meet state drinking water standards, private well owners are responsible for ensuring that their OWN well water is safe to drink.

Water Quality Testing Naples and Bonita Springs FloridaTo ensure that your private water supply is safe and healthy, you should understand the importance of maintaining your own well and water system and performing routine water quality tests.

It is recommended that water be tested every year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. If you suspect other contaminants, test for those. “Always use a State Certified Laboratory that conducts drinking water tests.” -EPA